Thank You for
Your Support!

"Cancer is a word...It is not a sentence."

I have been raising money for the American Cancer Society for the past seven years through officiating.

With your support this year I raised $124,117.53 through Officials vs Cancer for the American Cancer Society and have raised approximately $715,000 since I first started this effort.

Your support, especially in the midst of the pandemic, was amazing and gratefully appreciated.

  • Last year, 2019, at the Final Four in Minneapolis, I was honored to be the first basketball official recognized by the prestigious Coaches versus Cancer campaign receiving the Champion Award along with two coaches.
  • In 2017, at a ceremony at Foxwoods, I received the Sandra C. Labaree New England Volunteer Values Award from the American Cancer Society.
  • In 2016 I was recognized for my efforts by the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) at their annual meeting in San Antonio with the Great Call Award.

But I don't do this for awards, I do it because everyone has a loved one, friend, or acquaintance, if not they themselves, who has been impacted by this terrible disease. We need awareness and we need donations to find a cure.

What do I do?

  • I donate 100% of my officiating fees (over 1,800 games)

  • I have a network of sponsors who donate for every game I officiate

  • At games, and with permission, I ask the fans to donate

    Sometimes I will have donated gift cards and "sell" them. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society

  • I raise awareness of cancer by encouraging every official to use a pink whistle

    I travel the Northeast to attend official's meetings in all sports raising awareness and selling pink whistles. So far I have sold hundreds of pink whistles. All proceeds from these sales are donated to the American Cancer Society.

What can YOU do?

  • If you are an official, get and use a pink whistle

    Let's spread awareness. If you have a pink whistle, USE IT! If not, contact me. Better yet, invite me to one of your Official's Board Meetings so I can introduce this important awareness opportunity. My contact information is below.

  • Donate!

    Awareness and Research cost money. Let's stop this disease in its tracks. There are many options for donating to the American Cancer Society. Find the one that best suits you and donate. If you wish to donate through me, my contact information is below.

  • Support!

    Most, if not all, of us knows someone who has been impacted by cancer. Support them. A kind word; encouragement; a hug. It goes a long way when you are feeling the sting of this dread disease.

"There is a CAN in cancer because it CAN be cured."

Contact Information

Lou Levine

(978) 436-1731

268 Main St, Acton, MA 01720

To donate by check send your check made out to "American Cancer Society" to the above address


Lou Receives Champion Award from Coaches vs Cancer

Lou Levine Champion Award

At the NCAA 2019 Final Four Men's Basketball Championship in Minneapolis I was honored to be the first basketball official to receive the Champion Award from Coaches vs Cancer, a collaboration of the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) and the American Cancer Society. The Champion Award was established in 1996. The annual award recognizes a collegiate coach who has shown extraordinary leadership and a commitment to support the American Cancer Society's mission of saving lives, celebrating lives, and leading the fight for a world without cancer.


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